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Free Shipping on MOST US Orders. Including Protectorates and PO Boxes.
Free Shipping on MOST US Orders. Including Protectorates and PO Boxes.

About Us


Who we are

Roco4x4 is a one stop shop specialized in the customization of Jeeps and Trucks. We offer a complete line of aftermarket accessories that you can choose from. We are authorized dealers and installers for the most recognized brands in the industry. Our staff is fluent in English, Spanish and "Gear Head" We know what we are talking about! Our experts can show a vehicle's potential, and walk you step by step through the customization process to make your vehicle unique! Not local? Not a problem we can still help you with your project as we have partnered with multiple logistics companies to ship American manufactured parts worldwide!

Our Story

Some people are born gear heads and others are infected with this extremely contagious lifestyle. Back in the early 2000’s Ricardo Olavarrieta joined a few avid offroaders in Miami, FL and started to experience first hand the adrenaline of driving a 4wd vehicle. With this came an opportunity to learn about accessories, parts and repairs. Unfortunately him and his group the “Miami Crawlers” had no reputable shop nearby to take their vehicles for upgrades and repairs. At this moment Rick decides that he would abandon his carreer as a Computer Engineer and start his own shop and call it Roco4x4 - which stands for Ricardo Olavarrieta Company. 

It was a risky decision since at that moment the market in Miami for 4WD vehicles wasn’t very large but Rick had the vision of the future growth that the market is today. 

During the Great Recession of 2008 the business slowed down significantly, and it forced the business to look for opportunities. This is where Rebeca Olavarrieta (Rick’s sister) comes in. At this moment Rebeca was focused on gaining experience in the racing world, competing at local auto-x events and 1/4 mile racing. It only took one camping trip for Rebeca to realize that the off-road niche of the automotive enthusiasts resonated more with her personality and lifestyle. She sold her 1999 Mustang Cobra and joined her brother in the shop. Her main responsibility was to expand the international trade of accessories and OEM parts. It was a transition that changed Rebeca’s life and the future of the business. Specially because one day in late 2010 her future husband would walk in through the doors of the business. 

Carlos Flores is the third partner at Roco4x4 and is originally from San Pedro Sula, Honduras.  Flores' family had been involved in the automotive industry back in Honduras for many years. His grandfather created Valentin Flores y Cia, the exclusive importer for Toyota vehicles into Honduras. After the unfortunate passing of his father, Flores spent most of his time in the back roads with his uncle Guillermo Hepburn off-roading in early generation Jeeps. Flores was originally a customer of Roco4x4, and after many business transactions and business plans written in paper napkins he officially joined the team in 2011.  His creativity, photography background and business acumen was the perfect match for the team. His focus became expanding the Roco4x4 brand globally via social media, print advertising and event planning. 

Today Roco4x4 is recognized by offroaders around the globe as must stop when they are visiting Miami. The location is more than just a shop. The store is a playground where visitors can have interactive experiencies with working displays of Air Lockers, Lights, hi performance filters, batteries, wheels, tires and more. The staff is more than sales persons, they are highly trained professionals that keep up with the lastest trends in the market to understand what is the best option for the end-user depending on the vehicle and terrain that it would be driven on. More that sales staff, we run a counseling staff, we are here to help more than anything else.  

The Roco4x4 team strives to make sure that your experience as a 4wd owner is unsurpassable. That you are able to enjoy your Jeep or truck to the fullest safely and responsibly. By sponsoring events around the globe our vision is to keep this sport alive so that our kids will be able to experience the thrill of being behind the wheel of a 4wd and overcoming challenging trails and visiting pristine destinations.  

You are the reason our doors open every day. Customers that have believed in us since our first day in business. Friends were our first customers and it created a tradition that to this day we can still call every single one of our customers our friends. This made it clear that we have an opportunity to run an organization that more than a business is closer to one big family. Our focus will never be on profits, it will be in assisting those who reach out to us to build the 4wd vehicle that they have always dreamed of! Our business has been blessed with this vision, it is not something we chose to happen, but we cherish it every day. Thank you for being a part of our journey. 

See you on the trails! 

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