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Free Shipping on MOST US Orders. Including Protectorates and PO Boxes.

ARB Drawer + Installarion Kit & Side Floor for the 2018 + Suzuki Jimny - Includes: RDRF790 & SJFKIK18

by ARB
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The ARB Roller Drawer with Roller Floor RDRF790 incorporates a single Roller Drawer and an integrated Roller Floor top. The design allows for plenty of accessible and secure storage in the drawer and is engineered for on and off-road touring with lockable push-pull slam-shut latches. It is a great way to keep your gear secure and easy to access.

The stainless steel runners allow for smooth drawer operation and the reinforced floor ensures maximum support for all cargo. Features a self-locking anti-roll-back system to lock the drawer into place.

Nothing spells fun like – Suzuki Jimny. Fitting out this little fun box, ARB has a wide range of accessories to fit this awesome little vehicle.

First staring out right back to 1970 out of Japan, the Jimny (or SJ/LJ 10/20) was Suzuki first vehicle to feature a four-stroke four-cylinder engine and has been a head-turner and one of Suzuki global success stories, its diminutive stature and light footprint off-road is what drives its appeal and overall an awesome little pocket rocket.

The new side floor and install kit (SJFKIK18), utilizes the current RDRF790 drawer module, This design allows for plenty of accessible and secure storage in the drawer and the incorporated fridge slide allows the ARB Zero 36L & 44L fridges to fit in the normal orientation, but Due to the limited length of the factory luggage area, it is not possible to fit larger fridges in the normal front/rear orientation, to overcome this problem although a tight fit, the larger ARB Fridge Freezer can be oriented left to right across the roller floor top and rolled rearwards for easier access, this provides storage and a secure anchor point for tie-down of your fridge. (ARB Classic 35/47L fridges east/west orientation & ARB Zero Fridges 36/44L north-south orientation.) Always make sure you follow your local laws with mounting cargo and reducing visibility from the rear of the vehicle.

The total space provided by the drawers is a massive 106L of secure and organized storage space and perfect for keeping your camping or recovery gear, safe and secure.

The side floor and install kit suit Suzuki Jimny late 2018+ and is available now from your local ARB store and stockist. Featured image (Top) part numbers are, RDRF790 x 1 & SJFKIK18 x 1 *Side floor and install kit price only, RDRF790 drawer not included.



Outback Solutions Modular Roller Drawers have unique and practical features incorporated into their design to ensure high quality, maximum functionality, and ease of use.

The Roller Drawer with Roller Floor incorporates mechanisms on both the roller drawer and the roller floor that lock them in the open position, preventing unintentional closing when the vehicle is on uneven ground. The mechanisms engage at the full opening of the roller drawer or roller floor and are disengaged automatically when closing.

Locking mechanisms on the roller drawer and roller floor eliminate movement while closed. Retaining the drawer and roller floor in this way prevents rattles and wear and tear while driving.

The roller drawer and roller floor bearings run on purpose-folded stainless steel runners. Smooth operation is ensured because stainless steel offers the best surface for bearings to run on resulting in smooth quiet operation. Galvanized bearing runners are not used because the galvanized coating transfers onto the bearings creating rough operation and an opportunity for corrosion to start. Tool chest-style telescopic runners are not used because of the slop and movement they allow. This constant movement while driving accelerates wear and deterioration when used in automotive applications.

Exterior surfaces are finished in hardwearing commercial carpet and interior surfaces are trimmed in an automotive trunk material. Both materials resist abrasion and conceal dirt from gritty off-road conditions.

Aluminum and ruggedized plastics are used to mirror the tough nature of the Wrangler.

Slam shut/pull open handles make opening and closing both the roller drawer and the roller floor ease, even with hands full of gear. The roller drawer handle is key lockable and the roller floor has a mechanical lock under the top behind the handle. The roller floor can be locked before closing and key locking the drawer to provide good security.



2018 Suzuki Jimny

2019 Suzuki Jimny

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