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ARB Pressure Supply Kit 6mm - 171321

by ARB
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When it is time to upgrade to an ARB Air Locker and you already have an ARB Compressor System on-board, you will need this easy-to-use kit. The bulkhead fittings that are included can be used as a traditional straight connection or for Jeeps with space concerns, you can now connect on a 90° angle.
The 6mm polymer air line has a thicker wall for more strength and longer life span when taking abuse from off-road conditions.

The 171321 Pressure Supply kit will convert your existing ARB Air Locker with the blue air line to the new thicker wall 6mm black airline. Must have the 3.5mm internal copper line.

Contains: 170114 Bulkhead Fitting kit, 170314 6mm Air Line, 180325 Zip Ties

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