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Free Shipping on MOST US Orders. Including Protectorates and PO Boxes.

DOBINSONS Heavy Duty Torsion Bar Set for Toyota Land Cruiser 100 Series Diesel 1998-2007(TB59-1610)

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  • For Diesel powered Land Cruisers from 1998 to 2007
  • Increased spring rate to improve handling and lift front end
  • Powder coated black for a long lasting finish
  • Replaces OE torsion bars without modification
  • Torsion bars must be installed with 2/3 suspension down travel and 1/3 up travel to ensure a good ride

Dobinsons Spring & Suspension’s range of heavy duty 4x4 torsion bars are manufactured from high quality micro alloy steel with a thicker bar diameter than the original vehicle torsion bars to improve performance when accessories are fitted. When vehicles are fitted with additional accessories such as steel bullbars, winches, dual battery kits and other frontal accessories the weight placed on the torsion bars can be dramatically increased. The torsion bars fitted to the vehicle will not withstand the additional weight placed on the vehicle and will be prone to sag and will offer poor handling and offroad performance. Dobinsons heavy duty 4x4 torsion bars feature increased spring rate (thicker bar diameter) to better handle the additional weight and provide far improved handling, ride height and offroad performance. Dobinsons torsion bars feature an increased bar diameter,thicker than the original vehicle torsion bars. Dobinsons uprated torsion bars provided a far superior ride that will greatly reduce bottoming of the suspension and will improve the vehicles handling whilst also offering far greater reliability at increased ride heights. Dobinsons torsion bars feature cold rolled splines to increase strength, reliability and ensure a perfect fit. A thick durable powdercoat provides protection against corrosion. As torsion bars have load applied in a particular direction during compression travel, Dobinsons have their torsion bars directionally preset and scragged to prevent sagging and breakage. Dobinsons heavy duty torsion bars have precision end fitment and are marked both left and right hand side, and also importantly front and rear to ensure correct simple fitment the first time. Fitting torsion bars on the incorrect side or back to front will damage the torsion bars as they are preset and scragged in the required direction.
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