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GReddy[JB74W ] BOLT-ON TURBO KIT JB74W TF035 Catalyzerless - 11590408

by GReddy
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Product Information


This kit is specifically designed to be installed on RHD vehicles ONLY, and it is NOT COMPATIBLE with LHD vehicles.
For LHD vehicles, the exhaust downpipe could make contact with brake hose and may cause a fire in the worst-case scenario.
Please do NOT install this kit on LHD vehicles.
TRUST/GReddy is not responsible and not liable for any losses, damages, or injuries caused by the misuse of our products.


*Uses the TF035 turbine that is the best matches for the K15B engine.

*It is possible to mount on the normal engine, increasing power and torque in all rpm ranges.

*Does not support Japanese automotive inspection.



*Turbine : TF035 14GK 6 cm2 *Intercooler : Front (inside the grille)

*AIRINX included

*Stainless steel lost wax EX manifold

*Front Tube : SUS304 50mm

*Aluminum Piping : 50-60mm   – The following is required separately –

*ECU Setting needed

*GReddy Washer Tank [ for JB64/74 ]

*Spark plug #8 (recommended)

*Drilling [ Normal Oil Pan ]

*SAE viscosity grades 5w-30 (recommended). Low viscosity grades oil unavailable (0w-16,0w-20)

*GReddy Cross Exhaust (recommended)

*Only For RHD.

*Working time : 11-12 hours



Model : JB74W

Engine Model : K15B

Model Year : 2018/7-

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