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GSPEED Chassis G-2S two screw body post holders

by GSpeed
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Introducing the G-25

That's right, two M3 stainless screws and two 3mm washers for mounting each post holder to the chassis rail. Each holder has M3 threads for the rail mounting screws and for the body post M3 set screw, that can be installed in front or in the rear of each post holder. 

Installation instructions 

  • -Use two M3 screws on each mount to secure the G-2S to the rail.
  • -Use some blue thread lock on the M3 threads then tighten the G-2S to the chassis rail.
  • -Next slide the 10ii/10iii body post into the 6mm hole of the G-2S to your desired elevation.
  • -Secure the body post with one M3 screw.


  • 4- 6061 aluminum post holders 
  • 12- M3 x 6mm stainless steel screws