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JKS Rear Coil-Over Conversion Kit | Wrangler JL - 5001K

SKU 5001K
Pull out all of the stops by upgrading to JKS complete rearu00a0Coil-Over conversion for the Jeep Wrangler JL. Designed to complement the available front Coil-Over conversion, this rear Coil-Over conversion takes performance to a whole new level to maximize damping capability while allowing for more suspension travel and simple tunability for any terrain. Custom valved 12u201d travel FOX 2.5 factory race series Coil-Overs with piggyback DSC reservoir are mounted in place with a set of JKS upper and lower mounting brackets.
These FOX 2.5 Coil-Overs offer race-proven technology with a larger 2.5u201d diameter body, dual-rate springs, improved oil capacity, large 7/8u201d hard chrome plated shade and (DSC) dual-speed compression adjustment technology.
The DSC allows for 12-clicks of high speed and 10-clicks of low-speed compression adjustment to dial in how the shock's performance in various terrains. Theseu00a0Coil-Overs compatible with most lift kits on the market and use a threaded body allowing for preload adjustment to set ride height for between 2-5u201d of lift while still offering plenty of suspension travel.
JKS provides bolt-on frame and axle mounting brackets to allow the use of the longer travel Coil-Overs while optimizing ground clearance. Take your JL to the next level with this rear Coil-Over conversion from JKS.
  • u00a0Coilover conversion offers next-level performance and tune-ability
  • u00a0FOX 2.5u00a0Coil-Overs w/ piggyback DSC reservoir is specially designed for optimal performance in any terrain and clean, simple installation
  • u00a012u201d travel Coil-Overs allow for more suspension travel than others on the market
  • u00a0Replacement axle mount brackets improve ground clearance and adds strength
  • u00a0Extended length braided stainless steel brake lines included
  • u00a0Brackets integrate new bump stops to properly limit up travel
  • u00a0Complete Coil-Over conversion adjustable to work with most lift kits on the market 2-5u201d
  • u00a0Fully adjustable dual-rate springs, crossover rings allow 2nd stage height adjustment
Base Kit
Rear Coilover Conversion Kit for Jeep Wrangler JL;
JKS2518 1 2018-20 Jeep JL Wrangler Rear Coil-over Mount Box Kit
FOX88406253 1 FOX 2.5 RR DSC Coilovers - 12" Travel
  • Upgrade kit is designed to be installed on a vehicle already having a 2-5" suspension lift (Other components may be required)
  • Aftermarket wheels with 3.5u201d backspacing are required for clearance
  • Requires cutting/removal of factory frame-mounted brackets
  • 2 Door models will require removing preload fromu00a0Coil-Oversu00a0to achieve a minimum 3.5" of lift (Rear Driveshaft required)
    • 5001K
    • 5001K
    • u00a0JKS
    • u00a02020 Jeep Wrangler JL
    • u00a02019 Jeep Wrangler JL
    • u00a02018 Jeep Wrangler JL
    • u00a0Available
    • u00a0New
    Installation Guides
    • u00a0Item Requires Shipping
    • u00a0107.0 lbs.
    • u00a0W34.8100u201d x H18.8100u201d x L10.0000u201d