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Rock Slide Step Slider Set For Jeep Wrangler JL 4 Door


Rock Slide Engineering’s patented Step Slider for the 2018-2020 Jeep Wrangler JL comes in 2 doors and 4 door versions.  It is designed to be a trail-rated rock slider to protect the lower body of your Jeep against trail damage.  When it is time to enter or exit your Jeep, a powered step is deployed a full twelve inches down from the slider body when the door is opened to allow accessibility for all demographics and retracts up flush with the step slider body when your door is closed.

Our Step Sliders are made of eleven gauge steel construction with stainless steel internals and come with a maintenance-free powder coating that has a flexible thermo-plastic base coat and textured black topcoat.  The Step Sliders are an easy, no-drill, installation so they use pre-existing body/frame holes and bolt locations to mount.  A complete set of Step Sliders includes both driver and passenger side step sliders, a stand-alone wire harness so you do not have to splice into the existing vehicle’s electronics, a microprocessor and all the needed hardware to bolt them to the Jeep body.

The Step Slider is rated for typical off-road conditions up to a level 4-5 type trail.  More aggressive trails require the additional skid plate for the step slider to provide further stability and protection to the step and vehicle.  See our related products for details about the skid plates.  There are additional options like the LED light kit to illuminate the steps in the dark as well as a Door Delete Kit to allow you to still use the steps even after you have removed your Jeep doors.  Our Step Sliders come with a lifetime warranty on structural and mechanical components as well as a twelve-month warranty on the finish and electrical components.


JL Wrangler 4Dr Install Instructions