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Team Garage Hack TGH 2.LOW E.B.R. EDITION

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$165.00 - $170.00
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Color: Black


  • E.B.R. = Elizabeth "BETSY" Ross
  • Case and shafts PROUDLY MANUFACTURED in the U.S.A.
  • The case is 13.5MM THIN x 36MM TALL w/out spur assembly
  • Weight: 5.1 oz including hardware and skid
  • Complete assembled transmission
  • Pre-greased with COW RC UDDER BUTTER
  • CNC 6061-T6 case and motor plate
  • CNC Machined shafts
  • CNC Machined case hardened gears
  • APPROX. 30% Overdrive
  • 1.94:1 Front transmission output
  • 2.65.8:1 Rear transmission output
  • TGH Slipper Plates included
    • Spur Gear and Slipper Pads NOT INCLUDED
    • Recommended for use with AX31027 56T 32P spur gear or similar
    • Recommended for use with AX31068 Slipper Pads
    • Recommended for use with RRP0100 10T motor pinion
    • 10.9:1 front output with recommended pinion/spur
    • 14.8:1 rear output with recommended pinion/spur
  • TGH Slotted DELRIN Skid
  • Standard SCX10/10II skid chassis mounting pattern
  • 78MM wide
  • Includes 3.2MM spacer to accommodate our thinner skids
  • May require rear lower link length adjustment due to improved geometry. Recommend TRA5525 rod ends to lengthen links, can be trimmed as necessary.
  • Skid mounting hardware
  • Team Garage Hack or affiliates assumes no liability of damage caused from bashing, excessively heavy trucks, OR EXCESSIVE FUN!