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Free Shipping on MOST US Orders. Including Protectorates and PO Boxes.

Toyswd Crawler Park Stage 1 Obstacle For 1/24 1/18 Rc Crawler Park Circuit

by Toyswd
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ATTENTION NOT FOR BEGINNERS! We present Stage 1, of EXPERT difficulty level, it is one of the obstacles with a more elaborate design so that your mini off-road experience is a real challenge. Before starting the climb through the logs you will have to study the line, if not the dump is assured.

IMPORTANT! This peculiar Crawler Park obstacle is removable to increase the level of difficulty, by turning the modules you will be able to have 4 tracks, each one requires its own technique to reach the end with all four wheels touching the ground, in the photos of the product we show it to you.

Be careful, the line is important but the level of acceleration is the secret to leaving with a smile on your face. We want to see your surprise dunks, share it on our social networks with tag @toyswd ??.

You will enjoy assembling the obstacles made of 100% high-quality wood, from the beginning. You will receive a board with the pre-cut pieces, and you will only have to press slightly to remove them and carry on with the easy 3D assembly pieces, it’s not necessary to use adhesives or glues. Check the assembly instructions by scanning the QR code printed on the board. 

This obstacle is designed to be fixed both on our puzzle-style paths by placing the obstacle in the anchor points and turning the keys of the obstacle to attach it, on top of our printed carpet or by screwing it on the desired surface.

What happens when we push an Off-Road car to the limit?

Improve your 4x4 skills with your Crawler Park models. The surprising realism when driving through our Crawler Park challenges you to overcome and balance testing climbs, side steps, dizzying descents, play with the inertia of the car, the traction and the direction of the steering wheel, learning how to regulate the amount of acceleration, and when to brake so as not to overturn the car.

Crawler Park is designed for all levels, 100% scalable and customizable for all tastes, configuring your circuit or track without limits, changing challenges as many times as you want. Each of our obstacles includes three fixation formats so that it doesn’t slip when running through them, a base with rotating keys for our puzzle-style paths, another with sharp pieces for the printed carpet, and finally a few holes for screwing on the desired surface.

REMEMBER! Get to the next level of the game by tilting and adding new inclinations to the surface of the obstacles to further complicate the challenge.

ATTENTION! We will be releasing new obstacles and paths periodically in our toys collection so you can expand your circuit. Don’t miss out on the mini decorative accessories to create your scale model with the maximum realism.

The Crawler Park models are aimed both to modeling and RC CRAWLER hobby lovers who give importance to scale realism, such as 4x4 car lovers who want to play with friends and family.

We know you like it, but isn’t it true that you’d like to race with friends? Don’t miss out our CRAWLER CHALLENGE, exciting parallel circuits in a challenge mode for two or more cars with identical obstacles for each participant. (REF. TWDCHA0001)

Who will reach the finish line first without overturning the car?

Before starting the game, read the documentation inside the box with the assembly instructions, warnings and maintenance of the product.

ATTENTION! Be careful with your hands during the process of removing the pre-cut pieces from the wooden board, sharp parts may be exposed.

  • Our product range doesn’t include cars.
  • Suitable for 1/24 and 1/18 scale cars, check measurements in the characteristics table.
  • Each obstacle adds a duplication of the most delicate pieces for its replacement.
  • Our range of products has been approved and certified in compliance with all safety measures, risk assessment and environmentally friendly recycling criteria. (Download certificates at
  • Product recommended for people over 14 years old.

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